Meet the 2023 Small Giants Summit Speakers & Coaches!

Sam Adiv

Founder & CEO | OpenTent

Sam is the Founder and CEO of OpenTent, a 22-person Salesforce consulting partner for purpose-driven teams. OpenTent is building a world in which the organizations working on the most important social issues of our time have the platforms, people, and processes to work with confidence.

Sam tries to bring a Beginner’s Mind to every room and use his curiosity about the world to create meaningful growth experiences for his team and clients. He almost went to rabbinical school and now finds ways to bring those traits to his team at OpenTent, leading with vulnerability and encouraging it in others, and creating space for the team to be who they are. He sees the power of every human to grow and change: he used to dislike running and dogs, and now runs several miles each week and is totally obsessed with his puppy. Originally from rural Maine, he now lives in Denver with his wife Amalia and brand-new son Lev.

Delcie Bean

Chief Executive Officer | Paragus IT

Delcie Bean started the company that became Paragus when he was 13 years old. As Paragus has become one of the most successful, fastest-growing IT firms in the region, Delcie has increased his commitment to humanitarian causes and dedication to the community. In 2014, he created Tech Foundry, an educational nonprofit designed to address the need for a skilled IT workforce in the region by providing in-depth training for underrepresented communities. He also believes in giving back to his employees. Paragus has a unique Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) structure that puts ownership of 40% of the company in the hands of its 50-plus employees. Paragus is a Forbes Small Giant company.

Tracy Bech

Partner | 60 Minute CFO

Tracy Bech (she/her) is a serial entrepreneur having started, run, and sold 2 successful businesses. She’s passionate about lowering the business failure rate by educating business owners and leaders about best practices and business strategy. She is a partner at 60 Minute CFO, a consultancy based on the eponymous book that helps business leaders better understand their financial statements and finally understand what their CPA, banker, and CFO are telling them. She is also CEO of Starboard Collectives which facilitates groups of CEOs in the moving and storage industry where they share financial analyses, best practices and focus on business development.

A serial entrepreneur, Tracy loves thinking up business ideas and writing business plans for fun. When she’s not focused on business, you can find her in her native habitat (The Pacific Northwest) wearing a puffy coat and trucker hat. She’s a mom of 2 curious kids and wife to an inventor husband.

Tanja Boness

Owner | Change & Evolve

Tanja is the owner of Change & Evolve, a personal and professional coaching firm, and has been working as a certified iEQ9 Enneagram Practitioner for many years. Her focus is on leadership coaching, helping people to transform into the best possible version of themselves, and empowering especially – yet not exclusively – women in business, by helping them to be not only good but great. 

Tanja is insatiably curious with a voracious hunger for life. She is a mother and has a deep love for poetry, writing, music, beautiful minds, and a newfound love for tango. She also loves to travel, and spend time outside walking, running, cycling and hiking – no matter the weather! She adores good food and loves to cook.

Elizabeth Glasbrenner

CEO | Smiley Technologies

Elizabeth is the Co-founder of Smiley Technologies, Inc., and she has been President and CEO since 2015. Smiley provides the software and services for community banks across the country. Elizabeth co-founded the company with her brother, and never imagined that she would be CEO. As a very people-oriented leader, Elizabeth believes putting people at the core of the organization’s culture is the crux of their success. 

When she’s not working, Elizabeth enjoys problem-solving, hiking, traveling, and spending time with her family outdoors. Elizabeth lives in Arkansas with her two teenagers, Grace and Gavin, and her extreme athlete/ motivational speaker husband, Jeff. Oh, and she has her pilot’s license – who’s ready for takeoff?!

Dave Haviland

Founder | Phimation Strategy Group

Dave Haviland is founder of Phimation Strategy Group, where he provides management consulting to leadership teams at second stage businesses. Phimation works with leaders to find and develop untapped potential in great businesses. Dave’s approach centers on “ROI with heart,” emphasizing good business decisions while honoring each company’s culture and relationships. His clients are often multi-generational family businesses, or businesses that operate in a similar fashion.

Dave graduated from Yale with an American Studies degree and spent a year after graduation biking around the country. Nowadays, his time outside work is filled with 3 teens, “beer league” hockey, and a blossoming karaoke career.

Jenna Spencer

Founder | AssistPro

Jenna Spencer is a Delegation Expert. She loves connecting with people, and helping them learn new ways to delegate so they can focus on their area of expertise. She is the Founder and Visionary of AssistPro™, an executive assistant matching and delegation coaching service created to free up time and create growth for busy leaders. Since founding AssistPro in 2014, Jenna has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them find the ”Right-Fit Assistant™” and teaching them how to delegate and develop their assistants into leaders, as well. AssistPro has grown more than 50% each year since its founding – and has led to her creation and launch of an extension of the company devoted to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners on the path to Delegation Mastery.

When she’s not working, Jenna loves to travel, play tennis, and read great books while sipping coffee. She lives with her husband and children on their 20-acre “hobby” farm.

Ryan Tansom

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer | Arkona

Ryan Tansom started his entrepreneurial career at his family business where he was the Executive VP and responsible for the strategic, operational, and financial strategy of the $21 million company. Ryan helped turn the company around and bring intentional focus to the right strategies which enabled it to be sold for 8 figures to a local competitor in 2014. 

Ryan took his experience and founded Arkona to create the Intentional Growth™ Framework which helps owners view – and run – their company like a financial asset through educational training, fractional CFO services and strategic planning. 

Ryan also hosts the popular Intentional Growth™ podcast that has 325+ episodes, and 430k+ downloads. After 400+ Intentional Growth™ Training sessions and hundreds of podcast interviews, Ryan has his finger on the pulse of the market like few others.

When he’s not working, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and their twin daughters, working out (and documenting the results!), and practicing transcendental meditation.  

lisa wise

Founder | Flock DC

lisa is the founder of Flock DC, , a family of real estate management companies that tend to over two billion dollars in property throughout the District proper. She is also the Co-Founder and Chief Relationship Officer of BirdWatch, a home management/property technology company.

In 2022, lisa finished her business book/memoir Self Elected: How to Put Justice Over Profit and Soar in Business.At this time, Flock also launched the birdSEED foundation, a philanthropic effort to advance economic and housing justice for the BIPOC community. birdSEED offers no-strings down payment grants to first-time BIPOC home buyers in the DC region.

When not change-making and homemaking, you can find lisa surrounded by pets and hiking DC’s famous Rock Creek Park with her best friend – her ten-year-old son Beckett. And if you’re ever on the hunt for new music, be sure to chat with lisa – she used to be a DJ!

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