How Purpose-Driven Leaders Respond During A Crisis

Resources for small business leaders who want to do right by their employees, customers, and communities.

Leading in a Time of Crisis

  • What it Means to Be a Leader Right Now

    By Paul Spiegelman for Forbes: “Now is our time to show up and be present. As leaders, we have other people in our lives, both personally and professionally, that count on us. There is no better time to step up and make a difference than right now. Here are a few thoughts on how to cope, prioritize, and persevere.” Read more.

  • Crisis Response with Jack Stack

    On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman and Jack Stack draw on their wisdom as purpose-driven leaders to share an action plan for business owners who want to do right by their employees, customers, and communities. Listen.

  • Being an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

    Especially in trying times, an emotionally intelligent culture has a competitive advantage: imagine a team comprised of self-aware, self-managing professionals with great relationships, and a high level of empathy. Read more.

  • How to Talk to Your Team about Business FInances

    While you’re having serious discussions with your team about the financial state of your business, make sure everyone is speaking the same language. Download and share this worksheet for a crash course in business finance vocabulary. Download.

  • It’s Never Been More Important To Be Transparent With Your People

    How can small business leaders protect their cultures and support their team members during this crisis? A conversation with Jack Stack. Read the article on Forbes.

Leading a Virtual Team

  • How to Care for Virtual Employees During a Crisis

    In a recent Small Giants virtual workshop, Small Giants leader and CEO of Big Cartel, Anna Brozek, shared how their entirely virtual team stays connected, productive, and culturally aligned. She also spent a good portion of the workshop answering questions from attendees — many of whom had their own wisdom to share too. Read the highlights.

  • Planning and Leading Virtual Meetings

    Many organizations and teams are quickly working to adapt to working in remote teams. Small Giants company Vivayic has been a remote team from its founding in 2006. They now have 33 employees in 11 states working with more than 50 clients across the country. Download their virtual meeting facilitators guide for help planning and facilitating virtual meetings and training events. Download.

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