So Your Culture is Great, but Does the Talent Pool Know That?

In this interactive fishbowl, Shawn Busse, Kinesis Founding Partner and CEO, will help you assess how effectively you’re marketing your culture to potential employees and provide you with resources to better attract the right talent for your organization.

Event Description: We all know that hiring for culture is key. But in order to attract the right talent, your brand has to accurately communicate your company culture. In this day and age of transparency and access to information, everything is interrelated: for example, if you’ve got a great customer-centric website, but no talk of employees, you’re dramatically limiting your candidate pool. Similarly, if you’ve got a great culture, but a weak external brand (bad website, limited social media, poor community engagement) you’ll miss out on great talent looking for something special. In this interactive workshop, Shawn will show you how to identify shortfalls in your brand communications, bringing you closer to delivering a consistent message that accurately conveys your company culture. The goal? Attract more, high-caliber candidates that resonate with your values.

Shawn Busse
Kinesis Founding Partner