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In Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, you’ll learn from companies like Clif Bar and Zingerman’s that have chosen to do business differently. Start learning from these and 12 other remarkable companies with a free chapter.

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Chapter one introduces the choice all businesses eventually face: how far and fast should you grow?

About the Author

Bo Burlingham previously worked for 33 years at Inc. magazine, as senior editor, executive editor, and editor at large. He is also a former contributor to Forbes. The popularity of Small Giants led to the creation of the Small Giants Community where leaders from businesses of all shapes and sizes learn the specifics of how to make their companies great.

Bo Burlingham
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Praise for Small Giants

Tim Ferriss

“Burlingham crafts a beautiful collage and analysis of companies that focus on being the best instead of growing like cancer into huge corporations…Bigger is not better, and this book proves it.”

Tim Ferriss
Seth Goden

“Small is the new big. If that feels like an offbeat idea to you, you need this book!”

Seth Goden
Jim Collins

“This well-written book should inspire thousands of entrepreneurs to reject a mantra of growth-for-growth’s sake in favor of a passionate dedication to becoming the absolute best.”

Jim Collins

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