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There’s something special about the experiences that unfold within the Small Giants Community. Whether it’s a genuine friendship formed at the Summit or hearing a story on the podcast that moves you, supporters like you make the magic happen. You believe in good business, and you’re doing your part to help bring it to life. 

All of this supports our L3C organizational setup, where we operate as a hybrid between a for-profit and non-profit entity, prioritizing our mission and social purpose. We run Small Giants just like a nonprofit with the goal to simply be self-sustainable, which is why we need your help to bring the magic to life!

Opportunities to Support

We’re a small but mighty team, and we know that it takes a village to bring world-class programming to life. If you or your organization are interested in collaborating to create something special or to sponsor through financial or in-kind donations, let us know

Here are some ways you can get involved and support our mission. 

Summit Experiences

The annual Summit is a unique opportunity where learning and connecting happens on and off the Summit stage. Supporting experiences like social meetups for conference newcomers, a fun afternoon pick-me-up session, breaking bread together through meals, and special workshops help facilitate meaningful connections and memorable moments.

Community Learning

Throughout the year, we offer unique and thoughtful opportunities to explore topics of purpose-driven leadership and learn. From our podcast and blog, to live virtual events, you can be a part of supporting a learning opportunity financially or through your thought leadership.

Leadership Training

Supporting continuous learning on the leadership journey is part of our DNA. From the next generation of rising leaders, to those considering a succession plan out of the business, we have dedicated learning opportunities for all levels of purpose-driven leaders. Our Leadership Academy certifies purpose-driven leaders and gives them new experiences to learn and grow. They even enjoy a day of learning and connecting at the Summit! Your support will help create awe-inspiring, knowledge-packed experiences for purpose-driven leaders.

Individual Scholarships

Help rising purpose-driven leaders experience Small Giants programming by supporting the cost to participate. Pay it forward with the gift of a life-changing experience, whether it’s attending the Summit, becoming a certified Small Giants Leader, or even receiving support through a mentor. We can keep this anonymous or share your support with the recipient!

Thank you to our Supporters!


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