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There’s something special about the experiences that unfold within the Small Giants Community. Whether it’s a genuine friendship formed at the Summit or hearing a story on the podcast that moves you, supporters like you make the magic happen. You believe in good business, and you’re doing your part to help bring it to life.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring a specific event or interaction? Here are some ways to get involved.


Learning and connecting happens on and off the Summit stage. Supporting experiences like a break-time meetup for conference newcomers, a fun afternoon pick-me-up session, and special workshops help facilitate meaningful connections and memorable moments.

Leadership Training

The Summit is an important part of the Small Giants Leadership Academy experience, and participants enjoy a day of learning and connecting the day before the Summit. Your support helps create an awe-inspiring, knowledge-packed day of learning for these budding purpose-driven leaders.

Individual Scholarships

Help growing purpose-driven leaders experience the Summit by covering the cost of registration for one or more attendees. They’ll expand their network and learn practical systems to transform their businesses. We can keep this anonymous or share your support with the recipient!


Help us lay the table. Summit attendees have all meals included in their ticket and that’s on purpose. We think of meal breaks as an integral part of building relationships. Options include lunches, dinners, and drinks!

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