Exit Options for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

For purpose-driven entrepreneurs, the company’s mission is a top priority. When it comes to exploring exit options, it can be difficult to make the right choice that will protect the company’s culture, reward its employees, and allow the founder to leave a lasting legacy.

In this month’s Fishbowl (a.k.a. webinar!) attendees learned from Michael Whelchel of Big Path Capital and Zane Adams of Buchi about how purpose-driven leaders can raise new capital or sell majority or minority parts of their businesses while protecting the company’s mission above all else. Tune into the recording to learn:

  • How to achieve sustainable, purpose-aligned growth when seeking outside capital
  • How to ensure your purpose is a top priority when evaluating exit options
  • How to evaluate investment partners for cultural alignment

Michael Whelchel
Big Path Capital

Zane Adams