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The Small Giants Community is a purpose-first organization. We are a designated L3C, a hybrid between a for-profit and a nonprofit entity that prioritizes social mission. With more than 30 percent of our operating budget coming from donor funds, supporters like you help us create a better world, one purpose-driven leader at a time.

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You believe that purpose-driven leadership can change lives and create a better business world. 

Meet Travis:

When you support the Small Giants Scholarship Fund, you’re helping shape the next generation of purpose-driven leaders.

Nowhere is that more clear than in the story of Travis Slisher, an emerging leader whose life was transformed by purpose-driven leadership. Travis is the inaugural recipient of the Small Giants Scholarship Fund, which connects emerging leaders to the funds they need to complete the Small Giants Leadership Academy and become certified Small Giant leaders.

Thanks to supporters like you, Travis was able to enroll in the 2020 class of the Small Giants Leadership Academy just days before the program launched, despite not being able to secure financial support from his CEO. Now, Travis is learning to replace his command-and-control leadership with more compassionate, vulnerable leadership practices. Travis’ passion for leadership is renewed, and he’s taking what he’s learned back to his organization to teach other leaders how to lead with purpose. Not only has Travis become a more impactful leader, he’s also become more emotionally intelligent — which he says has made him a better husband, father, and friend. 

With your support, leaders like Travis will shape tomorrow’s most impactful businesses. Will you support us in connecting and growing future purpose-driven leaders like Travis?

Developing tomorrow’s most impactful leaders.

Meet Latricia:

Latricia Wright is the founder of Olive Seed, a holistic wellness business in Detroit, Michigan. Latricia graduated from the Small Giants Leadership Academy in 2019, walking away from the program with meaningful relationships and a clear, documented vision for her company culture. Within the year, Latricia put plans in place to open her first brick and mortar storefront. 

Today, Latricia is impacting her community and building a business that will improve the lives of so many — and her journey was made possible by supportive organizations like yours. The Detroit Development Fund supported Latricia’s time in the Leadership Academy, and they’ve committed to supporting a Detroit-based entrepreneur through the program every year.

There are entrepreneurs in our own backyards who are passionate about building exceptional, culture-driven organizations. When those entrepreneurs get connected with the Small Giants Community, it opens them up to a world of people and practices that strengthen their businesses and leadership. 

Your organization can impact the future of purpose-driven leadership in your community and make experiences like Latricia’s possible — will you invest in the next emerging leader?

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More than 30% of the operating budget for the Small Giants Community comes from donations.
Thanks to your generous support, our team is able to work toward our mission of training the next generation of leaders like Travis and Latricia to do a world of good.

8,000 Leaders

The Small Giants Community influences 8,000 leaders and their 150,000 employees through events, resources, and training.

1.6 Million Lives Impacted

Fulfilled employees make happy family members, friends, and neighbors. This ripple effect of Small Giants leaders has touched more than one million individuals.

3,000 hours of resources

The Small Giants Community provides free access to more than 3,000 hours of on-demand purpose-driven leadership training resources per year.

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