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How to Bring Your Purpose to Life

In this fishbowl, you will learn from The Purpose Institute’s co-founder and Chief Purposologist, Haley Rushing, on how to bring the power of your organization’s purpose to life in a systematic, meaningful and sustainable way. She’ll cover a wide range of activation areas including how to use your purpose to drive recruitment and talent management, how to create purpose-driven customer experiences, how to use it as a springboard for innovation, how it can intersect and amplify CSR efforts and, most importantly, how to establish purpose-driven metrics of success.  Having spent more than 20 years helping small giants become big giants using the Power of Purpose, bring your questions, your challenges, and your own perspective on where you’ve been successful and where you’ve struggled to this inspiring, yet practical, session on living your purpose more fully in your organization.

In this fishbowl, you will learn the following key takeaways:

  • A brief overview of all the benefits that accrue from having a powerful purpose at the heart of your organization
  • Tips on how to articulate your purpose in the most powerful way possible
  • A game plan for closing the gap between the aspiration purpose statement and the reality
  • Best practices for activating purpose throughout your organization including: recruitment and talent management, customer experiences, CSR efforts
  •  How to establish purpose-driven metrics of success

Haley Rushing
The Purpose Institute