What is purpose-driven leadership?

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The Small Giants Community exists to identify, connect, and develop purpose-driven leaders. But you might be wondering, what exactly is purpose-driven leadership? Read on to learn about what it means to be purpose-driven, how to develop as a leader, and how the Small Giants Community can help.

What does purpose-driven leadership mean?

When we talk about purpose or values-driven leadership, we mean the practice of prioritizing purpose and people over profit and greatness over growth. This way of running a business, famously written about in the Small Giants bookhas been adopted by small and medium-sized organizations spanning all industries and hailing from around the world.

These businesses are interested in growth and profit, but are committed to not sacrificing their culture or purpose to achieve either. You can recognize a purpose-driven company by its intentional approach to growth and its positive company culture.

How do I learn about this way of leading?

Purpose-driven leadership book:
We might be biased, but our favorite book to recommend is Small Giants by Bo Burlingham. Bo’s book digs deep into the stories of companies that choose to be great instead of big. Learn more about the book and Small Giants.

Purpose-driven leadership training:
This way of leading is not often found in business school curricula. Values-driven leaders rebel against the traditional pressure to grow a business as big as possible, as quickly as possible. Because of this, when it comes to training leaders in their organizations, founders turn to internal training programs or the Small Giants Leadership Academy. These types of leadership training programs ensure that the next generation of leaders in an organization have the foundation to institutionalize purpose-driven practices in the business. Typical topics in purpose-driven leadership training programs include applying company values to every area of the business, making hiring and firing decisions based on core values, developing and maintaining a company purpose, and practicing financial transparency.

What are examples of purpose-driven leadership?

Companies run by purpose-driven leaders can be found in all sizes and industries, but they all share a common set of qualities.

Of course purpose-driven companies must have a purpose, But along with that, they have a vision, a powerful mission statement, and core values that are brought to life within the systems and processes of the organization. Read more about developing and leading with your purpose.

A purpose-driven organization is full of servant leaders who believe in leading with values. Read more in this leadership ebook.

By putting employees first and caring for them in the totality of their lives, purpose-driven companies foster a positive culture of intimacy. Learn more about how to build a positive company culture and measuring its ROI.

These organizations protect their gross margins without compromising company values. Read more about the benefits of financial transparency. 

Purpose-driven organizations cultivate meaningful relationships with customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders. Read more about outstanding customer service practices.

Whether their community consists of their geographic neighborhood, their employees and families, or a niche in their industry, these organizations understand the value of establishing deep roots in their communities. Learn more about how to get your employees involved in community impact.

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