What is Small Giants?

What was originally a book, Small Giants by Bo Burlingham, has grown into a global community of purpose-driven thought leaders.

Small Giants Book

We’ll start where it all started: with the best-selling book, Small Giants by Bo Burlingham.

Small Giants digs deep into the stories of fourteen remarkable companies that have chosen to prioritize purpose and people over profit. In his book, Bo explores these Small Giants and shares what gives these special companies their unique “mojo.”

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What are Small Giants?

In Bo Burlingham’s book, he explored the cultures of fourteen different companies and noticed they all had a shared set of qualities. All of these companies had a vision, values, a mission statement and were led by servant leaders. They all cared for their employees in the totality of their lives, protected their bottom lines, and built strong relationships with stakeholders and within their communities.

What is the Small Giants Community?

The Small Giants Community is a business community for purpose-driven leaders who want to share stories of incredible businesses and learn new practices and systems to implement in their own organizations. There are no membership dues in the Small Giants Community — just opportunities main to get involved in the Community and develop as a purpose-driven leader:

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What is the Small Giants Summit?

Leaders who subscribe to the Small Giants leadership philosophies gather every year for three days of conference-style learning and evening social events. Speakers and attendees of the Small Giants Community Summit join 250 like-minded leaders to connect, learn, and celebrate the courage it takes to build great companies. Learn more about the Small Giants Summit.

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