Leading by example is just the beginning

Welcome to the Small Giants Community, a collective of like-hearted leaders and a resource of high-quality, real world programming and support. Small Giants aim towards purpose-driven cultures and business practices with the knowledge that soft skills can lead to hard numbers, and that work/life balance is all about an emphasis on life.

Join us at the Small Giants Community today (and unlike your laundry list of streaming services, there are no monthly fees). If this sounds like the tribe you’re looking for, learn more about how you can join our Community.

We’re all about connections, culture, and caring

The Small Giants Community is a group of business leaders who want to learn and grow through relationships with practitioners who share in their vision of purpose-driven work. These leaders could be CEOs with decades of growth and knowledge gained (and are lifelong learners!), or young leaders just beginning to rise in the ranks, or anyone in between. What we all share is a passion to grow – not for the sake of numbers, necessarily, but rather to improve ourselves, our teams, and our communities along the way.

Members of the Small Giants Community come from all different businesses that exist in different industries, sizes, and locations. But they all have certain things in common that make them Small Giants. Namely, they have a keen understanding of and an emphasis on their culture, are great communicators, and genuinely care.

So maybe you’re into the idea of purpose-driven leadership, but don’t know how to truly define it, or how to live it every day. That’s where we come in. As a Community, our goal is to help make connections, foster learning, and encourage vulnerability. And we have a range of ways for you to engage with us – keep reading to learn about some of our resources and key offerings and how you can become a part of our Community.

Level up your leadership with our key offerings

Search through our programs to see what will best enrich your leadership journey.

Looking for guidance and a fresh perspective on your challenges or goals? The Sounding Board mentorship program pairs you with a Small Giants tenured leader who shares like-hearted, purpose-driven philosophies and industry expertise to help you develop and navigate the path ahead.

The Small Giants Leadership Academy develops confident, emotionally intelligent leaders who know how to inspire others, drive performance, and influence company culture. Explore what it takes to become a certified Small Giants Leader!

Help us bring the magic to life

Even though it’s pretty great to be a part of our community (and it’s not because we’re biased), it’s extra special to help support the Community behind the scenes and support the movement of values-driven leadership! And as a L3C, we rely on the generous support of sponsors and partners to help us bring the Small Giants mission to life.

Would you like to sponsor or support our work with the Community or are you interested in partnering to bring a program to life? We’d love to hear from you!

Still not sure what we’re all about?

Look through some questions we get often. And if you’re still curious (and we love curiosity! It’s another good c word), sign up for a coffee chat with one of our team members.

Bo Burlingham’s book is the foundation for our Community! What started as a book has turned into a movement and we encourage you to read it. You can download the first chapter for free here.

Have you or are you reading the book and want to reflect? Download our Book Club Guide that you can use solo or with a group.

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