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How to Bring Your Purpose to Life

In this fishbowl, you will learn from The Purpose Institute’s co-founder and Chief Purposologist, Haley Rushing, on how to bring the power of your organization’s purpose to life in a systematic, meaningful and sustainable way. She’ll cover a wide range of activation areas including how to use your purpose to drive recruitment and talent management, how to create purpose-driven customer experiences, how to use it as a springboard for innovation, how it can intersect and amplify CSR efforts and, most importantly, how to establish purpose-driven metrics of success.  Having spent more than 20 years helping small giants become big giants using the Power of Purpose, bring your questions, your challenges, and your own perspective on where you’ve been successful and where you’ve struggled to this inspiring, yet practical, session on living your purpose more fully in your organization.

In this fishbowl, you will learn the following key takeaways:

  • A brief overview of all the benefits that accrue from having a powerful purpose at the heart of your organization
  • Tips on how to articulate your purpose in the most powerful way possible
  • A game plan for closing the gap between the aspiration purpose statement and the reality
  • Best practices for activating purpose throughout your organization including: recruitment and talent management, customer experiences, CSR efforts
  •  How to establish purpose-driven metrics of success
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The Feedback Loop: How to Give and Receive

How do you tell a top-performing employee something that they don’t want to hear? How do you take in feedback from your employees, without coming across as defensive? Giving and receiving feedback well are two of the most-valued – yet difficult to master – skills for any leader. Claire Lew, , has spent her working life studying 15,000+ leaders and employees in 25 countries to develop a methodology for The Feedback Loop: How to Give & Receive Feedback Well. After over three years of research across hundreds of companies, Claire will share a playbook for how the most effective leaders give and receive feedback. If you’re a manager or CEO who’s always wanted to get better at giving and receiving feedback, this fishbowl is for you.

Key takeaways:

  • A deep understanding of why we dismiss tough feedback
  • How to handle feedback you disagree with
  • Five techniques for receiving tough feedback well
  • Research on how receptive employees are to tough feedback
  • How to tell an employee that they are wrong or that they messed up
  • A proven four-step framework for giving tough feedback to employees

Are You Leading in A Bubble? Challenges of Leading A Values-Driven Company

In this interactive fishbowl, Chris Hutchinson, CEO of Trebuchet Group, will help you evaluate your leadership style and whether it may be interfering with employee engagement levels and opportunities for positive conflict. If that’s the case, have no fear– because Chris will also share practical solutions!

Event Description: Values-driven leadership is something we all strive for as Small Giants leaders. But as Chris Hutchinson has discovered through his work with leaders and teams, it is not easy to get the right level of engagement from our teams. There really can be “too much of a good thing” when it comes to values-driven leadership. Through a short pre- questionnaire, participants will begin to evaluate how their leadership style is impacting employee engagement and positive conflict. During the interactive Leadership Fishbowl, Chris will share practical tools to help leaders generate positive conflict and employee participation.


The Power of Beliefs in Business

Ari Weinzweig, Owner and Founding Partner of Zingerman’s, shares his learnings from his book: A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to The Power of Beliefs in Business. In this Fishbowl, Ari will take a look at how our beliefs play out in our day to day experiences in the workplace, and how we and our workplaces are impacted by those beliefs. Whether we accept it or not, what we believe about ourselves, about our organization, our co-workers, our boss, the work that we do and our ability to do it will significantly alter the outcomes we are seeking to achieve. Best of all, Ari will address how by becoming more mindful of our beliefs, we can effectively alter them and change the way we see our work and the world. And radically alter the outcomes we get from our efforts.

Getting Started on Change

Screening for Value

At Chief Outsiders, Tom & Art believe that culture is their primary competitive advantage. It is what allows them to attract and retain the best talent who create the most value for their clients. Their approach to hiring for culture is rooted in their core values. Join Tom McCrary, Managing Partner, and Art Saxby, CEO and Founder for a conversation about their process for vetting values in the hiring process.

Finding Peace of Mind

Rally of Reell